5 CV Mistakes to Avoid


Found a job you have been dreaming to win? It’s time to spice up your CV with the desired skills. However, writing a convincing CV is not an easy task. You need to make sure that you avoid some important mistakes that most people make while writing a CV. Here are 5 CV mistakes you should steer clear of:

Poor English

Using wrong grammar and spellings can badly affect your impression. This suggests the reader that you didn’t take much interest in writing your CV. While you can use spell-check tool, it’s important to make sure that you proofread your CV yourself. Don’t just rely on spell check tool as it can go wrong sometimes. Before you submit your CV, proofread it once or twice. You should always ask someone to read your CV to make sure that there are no errors in it.

 Making CV Lengthy

Making your CV very long will annoy the reader. You need to remember that recruiters are very busy individuals and they don’t have extra time to read your long stories. Keep your CV two no more than two A4 pages. Two A4 pages are enough even for a seasoned professional to jot down all important information.

 Using Awkward Email Addresses

This is probably the most common mistake that CV writers make. Using stupid and awkward email addresses will suggest the reader that you don’t have a professional attitude. For example, using sweetsoulforyou@gmail.com is a big no-no! You should use a professional looking email address, such as Jhon.miller@hotmail.com. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to create a new email account. So make sure to mention a professional email address to make your CV successful.

 Balant Lies

Lying on CV or going over-exaggerative will not impress the reader. If you lie in your CV, chances are there that your get caught by the interviewer. It’s a very common CV mistake that can seriously annoy the employer. Some employers will check your references to confirm your truthfulness. And if get caught, you will surely lose the chance to get an interview call for your dream job. So make sure to keep your CV truthful and real.

 Incorrect Contact Details

Contact details are very important as this is the only source that the employer can use to contact you. So make sure to put in the right details else they will not be able to reach you. A petty typo can simple mean missing out on a bright opportunity for a future-proof job interview.

Mistakes in CV can reduce your chances of getting a job. If your CV has a lot of errors and mistakes, it will fail to leave a positive impression on the employer. On the other hand, a flawless CV will suggest the reader that you’re very professional. So make sure to avoid these simple mistakes so that your CV doesn’t go to waste bucket. Always proofread your CV twice before sending it to the employer. You can also download a cv format from the Internet to make sure you’re using the correct layout.


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