Business Productivity

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Found a job you have been dreaming to win? It’s time to spice up your CV with the desired skills. However, writing a convincing CV is not an easy task. You need to make sure that you avoid some important mistakes that most people make while writing a CV. Here are 5 CV mistakes you should steer clear of:

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Business Productivity

Employees are the backbone of any business and a good manager quickly learns how to get the maximum output from his or her workers. There are ways to help your employees attain their work goals, especially if by doing so they gain from their efforts.

Always reward excellence. Your employees are not equal and they should not be treated as such. If you have one or two employees who make a tremendous effort to get to work on time, are prepared to stay late when necessary (which should not be too often, regularly working late can be a sign of overwork or even possibly a sign of fraud) and make sure that their work is done accurately and promptly, then do not feel guilty about acknowledging their efforts.

Dealing with Concerns Surrounding Rewards

If other employees kick up a fuss or demand equal rewards, calmly and quietly point out that the other employee put in a noticeable effort and, as such, deserves a reward. Mention to the disgruntled employee what he or she could do to garner the same kudos for themselves.

How Can You Do More To Inspire Your Employees

Equally, if you have an employee who does the bare minimum and does not pull their weight, leaving the other employees to do some of their work, do not be shy about mentioning this to them. Not only will the poorly performing employee know that their behaviour is unacceptable but the rest of your workforce will be satisfied that you DO notice who is pulling their weight and who is slacking, which will improve morale in the workplace.

Take an interest in your employees, staying abreast of the state of marriages, the health of children and other social aspects of their lives. Knowing that you are interested in their lives outside of work will help your employees to feel important and worthwhile. This engenders feelings of loyalty and friendship towards the company, which makes it hard to slack off and work poorly!

A Lack of Empathy

Refusing time off for genuine emergencies, showing no interest in messy divorces, troubled teens and ailing relatives is a sure-fire way to raise resentment. If your employee thinks that you do not care about them, they will not care about your company or their work, and they may start working badly, or being careful to just do enough to not be dismissed.

Streamline office processes. Have simple processes in the office, making sure that workers can navigate office systems easily, and do not force them to wait days for responses to their queries, whether it is a request for a raise, asking for a few days holiday or any other query for which they might require a speedy response.

Finally, make sure your employees know exactly what is expected of them. If there is a bonus scheme for hitting certain targets, ensure that they know precisely what they need to do to meet the target. Do not set an unobtainable target, with attached enormous reward, that you know they will not be able to achieve, that is simply cruel! Rather, create a system whereby moderate effort achieves a moderate bonus, or reward.

Increasing Productivity Levels

How Can You Do More To Inspire Your Employees

Having achieved the moderate bonus, your employees will be inspired to work that little bit harder to achieve the next bonus and so on. These clear cut targets, with precisely defined bonuses and rewards will go a long way to inspiring your employees to work their hardest!

It is necessary to see your employees in two different ways at the same time: firstly as unique individuals with distinct personalities and lives, and secondly, almost like a class of bright children, needing clear-cut rules and targets with the promise of rewards and bonuses for good behaviour! Work on empathising with your workforce and then using that empathy to drive them to work to their best abilities, while still allowing them to retain their dignity and self-respect!