Cheap Facebook Marketing That Works


It’s Facebook, everybody does it. But not all do it for business. As a form of the latest social media marketing platform Facebook has been used by various businesses to create a name for themselves in the social media market. Here are top tips that will help with Facebook marketing.

You want to cut on costs and maximize your profits so go with established goals. Ask yourself these, do you want more page likes? Do you want more blog comments? Do you want more website visits? Do you want more fan engagement? This helps you to stay focused since every one of these metrics has its own value. And the Facebook ad type that you stick to helps you to nail your goals easily.

Cheap Facebook Marketing That Works

Next boost your Facebook marketing with a few offers that can easily grab your fans’ attention. Just like Google’s offers, Facebook offers will easily allow you to promote your page, give you more following and leave you with the collective social media fan power that every business is out for. You can give away a free ebook in exchange for a few details say emails, or create an offer that stands once a client buys something from your store.

And remember you are working cheap so probably saving energy will be vital. So try any simple tricks that work. The one trick that has constantly worked for me is creating an ad for my website by selecting the Clicks to Website objective. This allows me to create a Facebook ad without having to create a Facebook page. In turn it saves me the long process and time, (but such ads will appear on the right column not News Feed).

Apart from that if you have enough social media marketing experience you can go straight into real Facebook marketing. Usually this will give you the chance to buy social media (Facebook) followers and boost your collective fan power. It is the cheapest option to create very effective long tail comments, getting quick shares, engaging your fans, and having enough social media returns at the end of your marketing campaign.

Yet working with a clear and direct call to action can be terrific. You see many startup business owners look at this as not being credible, on the contrary the truth is it’s very much credible. If you have a Facebook paid ad, don’t hesitate to include your call to action on the body text to encourage your fans to take up your desired action. Tell me something, what would be best than to give them the nudge yourself?

Finally try working with sponsored stories as an add-on on your Facebook page. What usually happens is if your visitor bumps on a new page, offer, event, and the likes it triggers posts, stories, comments, and shares and thus leaves you with a long list of followers at the end of the day. Trust me it is awesome and works like a charm.

Only that before you do this you should also create a great Facebook profile that uses real pictures and which can give you the right visibility.


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