Privacy Policy

Here at News, Tips, and Tricks (from henceforth known simply as we take your privacy as a valued contributor very seriously. We urge you to take a few moments of your time to discern our privacy statement designed to protect you. Our privacy policy fully discloses the various types of information we gather about your usage of our site and how we use that information and share it.

Information Collected


Information Provided By You

We request that you provide certain types of information which include those that pertain to your identity. We may ask for your personal information when you:

[learn_more caption=”Sign Up For Newsletters”]

When you sign up for subscriptions to our newsletters, we may send you dedicated email newsletters on behalf of our partners and advertisers. Our own newsletters may also include messages and advertisements from the same partners and advertisers. Please note that these newsletters will come directly from us. Our partners and advertisers will have no access to your personal information or email address. All our emails will contain a link to enable you unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time you wish.


[learn_more caption=”Registration”]

Our interactive forums and other services may require you to enter personal details such as email address, name, credit card information, physical address, zip code, gender, as well as account passwords among other information. Such information will not be shared with our partners and advertisers unless you expressly agree to it beforehand.


[learn_more caption=”Public Activities Engagements”]

Some of our services give you the opportunity to engage in public activities which may include giving feedback, posting comments, reader reviews, ratings, and making recommendations. Such postings will be visible to other users including your chosen username, screen name, ID, and your profile picture or image. We may use these publicly accessible information for online and offline commercial and promotional use in all or any media. The user is advised that any personally identifiable information they share on these services may be used to send you unsolicited messages or offers to connect. does not bear any responsibility in publishing, editing, or deleting any information you submit on these public services.


[learn_more caption=”Billing Information”]

Our SSL secure billing services enable payments for certain services and will require you to enter personal details including name, email address, and credit card information or bank account details. These details will only be shared with third parties contracted to handle our billing systems.


[learn_more caption=”Special Offers, Contests, Raffles, and Sweepstakes”] may sponsor special offers, contests, raffles, and sweepstakes on our services or on third party sites. If you choose to participate, we may require you to submit some personal information such as contact details, and first and last names.



Information Collected Technologically

[learn_more caption=”Device Information”]

To measure the effectiveness of our services, we may gather information about your computer, Smartphone, mobile device, or other gadget used to access those services.


[learn_more caption=”Cookies”]

We use internet technology such as cookies, pixel trackers, and server logs to target meaningful content to users of our services. The same internet technologies are used to gauge the effectiveness of our services and advertising campaigns.


[learn_more caption=”Analytics”]

We may contract third parties to perform analytics and provide us with reports and information about usage and browsing patterns of our service users. These reports do not contain personally identifiable data. They contain aggregated data only.


[learn_more caption=”Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses”]

The location of your computer or IP address may be logged for administrative and troubleshooting purposes.


[learn_more caption=”Log Files”]

Certain usage information such as a history of the pages you view may be logged automatically.



Use of Collected Information

[learn_more caption=”Service Provision”]

The information gathered will be used to provide services you request for and enable you to use them. These services include receiving of email newsletters, your participation in and renewal of paid services, participation in contests and polls, and posting on message boards. reserves the right to alert third parties of your opt-out information to withdraw subscriptions and omit your contact details from future solicitations and publications. In accordance with requirements of the law, we may submit your personal information to comply with subpoenas or court orders.


[learn_more caption=”Statistical Analysis”]

To analyze quality and effectiveness of our services, will be using analytics and statistical information. We may also use information to inform advertisers about the nature of our service users.


[learn_more caption=”Service Providers”] will in the course of their operations contract third party companies to provide some services on our behalf. These may include billing services, shipping, promotions, list processing, and email distribution. These companies will only be provided with the information they require to adequately serve our service users and they will be restricted from using the collected data in ways other than providing us and our users with services as proscribed. These companies are prohibited from sharing or reselling the data or using it for their own marketing services.

[learn_more caption=”Customization”]
We may use the information we collect to allow targeted advertising and targeted marketing. The information may also be used to customize certain service features depending on your user characteristics, location, or device type.

[learn_more caption=”Information Collected by Third Parties”]

Third parties may collect information about you while you are using our services. These may include information about your ad choices. In certain cases, does not have control over the third parties’ data collection practices nor have access to it. does not assume any liability related to third party data collection or use.

We use Ad servers to serve and display advertisements on our service pages. Internet technology such as the use of pixel trackers and cookies may also be employed to collect non-personal information about user experiences while using our services.



Contact Information welcomes any queries about our privacy policy as outlined above.

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