Top 5 Tips to Get Banner Design Ideas


Banner ads are popular means for generating awareness and interest in your company and products. Nevertheless, the phenomenon of banner blindness has made it necessary for banner ad creators to become more imaginative to ensure they attract the interest of potential markets. As a banner ad designer, before working on your online banner creator you could do well with following these 5 tips when considering design ideas for your banners.

Check the Company

The first step you should do is to check the company or client you intend to promote with your banner ads. Ask yourself what kind of corporate identity they have in whatever industry they operate in. What is the ranking of their brand image and how can you capitalize on that to create even more market leads. Check out their landing page. Your banner should already whet the appetite for the user to want to learn more. What they find on the landing page should match what was on the banner they clicked on.

Ask the Publishers

For your online marketing campaign to be effective, you need to target a specific market. That means your banners will not just be posted anywhere in some random manner. Of course you will want to place your banners on sites where your potential clients are likely to click on. To avoid conflict and to maximize your potential at creating market leads and conversions, it would be best if you consulted your intended publishers. Most publisher sites will have restrictions on banner sizes, shapes, colors, and levels of animation. Check out their website and see what has been working for other advertisers.

Banner Design Ideas

Check Out the Competition

Every shrewd business person should always keep in mind that they are in competition with other businesses for the same clients. Check out what your competition is doing, not to copy them but to learn from them. First of all, check the big players in your industry. Research on where they place most of their ads, what range of colors they use, the types of banners they use, the types of animations and media they use, and the kind of text taglines they have on their banners. Do the same kind of research with the worst performers in the same industry. Such knowledge will equip you with ideas on what to do and what not to do.

Ask the Target Market

If it is within your means, get the opinion of a sample of your target market on which banner ads attract their attention. Such interactions will give you great ideas on what kinds of designs you should use on your banners for maximum effect and fast results. Remember the old cliche, “the customer is always right”? Well, you can never go wrong by providing what already works for the customer.

Go Offline

I know this will surprise many and you may argue that offline advertising is worlds apart from online advertising. But the two share a lot in terms of what appeals to the general public. Check how parallel adverts for similar products to the ones you are promoting are advertised in offline mediums such as TV, vinyl banners, newspapers, and paper magazines. What works offline can give inspiration to great ideas to use for your online banner designs.


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