Top Desk Plants For The Office

Desk Plants For The Office

Like many things in life – such as a cute cuddly kitten perhaps or your lover’s laugh – there are numerous wonders to elevate the mood during those rubbish moments that sometimes strike a happy disposition. The simple things can be antidotes to dreary days or miserable Mondays: your child’s smile, a marvellous melody.

Greenery is one thing that has been proven to boost your mood reminding us of the more simple and serene things in life. Remember those Biology lessons? These photosynthetic plants also allow you to breathe easier producing oxygen and taking in carbon dioxide. So why not adorn your office with some vegetation to counter the stress of deadlines?

Here are some exquisite desk plants, guaranteed to boost efficiency and create an aura of calm. The easy part is deciding to get one. The hard part is picking from such a stunning selection.

The Peace Lily

Peace lilies are visually-splendid and with a name like that, it’s obvious that they will bring a state of calm to the office. As a natural air indoor purifier, the peace lily is the perfect plant to combat stuffy office interiors.

To look after this plant, make sure to cut off any stalks once the flowers start to fade and wipe dust off the leaves with a damp cloth. Note that leaves start to shrivel in low humidity and turn brown in too much water. To tackle this problem, make sure to water well, avoiding soggy soil. Always keep the plant away from pets and children as Peace Lilies are poisonous.


bambooAdd a touch of Feng shui to the office with a bamboo plant: simple and surprisingly easy to look after. Simply grow in a vase filled with water and stones to support. Note that bamboo requires bright sunlight but direct sunlight can burn the leaves causing them to wither.

African Violet

The African violet requires a little more TLC. Only use water that has been kept out overnight and do not water the plant or the soil itself. Instead, water the bottom drip tray. The African Violet will add a splash of colour to your desk, brightening your mood whilst it’s at it.


Pothos is the best candidate to remove formaldehyde, the cancer-inducing substance, from carpets and other furnishings. Well-suited to the office, it can survive low light intensities, low humidity and dry soil. Make sure to clip this plant regularly to keep it neat and tidy.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are popular desktop decorations because they are easy to care for even tolerating long terms of neglect (not that you will be neglecting your plants!) Always make sure to pot a spider plant correctly, using houseplant potting mediums and avoiding garden soil. Water spider plants with room temperature water and regularly trim the plant to keep it tidy.

Living Green Walls

Image above is provided by Ambius. Your office could even install a living green wall, to refresh a mundane office space.  Here, plants are grown vertically on free-standing structures or walls. Living green walls create a gorgeous natural feature in the office, improve air quality and provide many benefits such as reducing energy and noise levels. Not your typical wallpaper, eh? It can be very economical to have a living green wall.

Those were just a few of the plants you can dot around in the office. Reap the benefits of a cute and easy-to-care-for plant today!

Do you have any plants in the office? Share in the comments.


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